Full Day Studio (includes camera operator + two parking spots- $800.00

Print Studio $700.00

White Syke $25.00

Session Director/Casting Assistant $160.00

Studio Saturday/Weekend $1200.00

Studio Sunday/Weekend $1600.00

Callback Food/Drinks Setup(1-4 clients)add $95.00

Callback Food/Drinks Setup(5-9 clients)add $150.00

Remote Studio $1000.00

Overtime/Early open (rate before 8am after 7pm )$150.00/hr

Hourly Rate (does not include camera operator) $275.00/hr

STOCK (We do not allow our clients to restock)

Sony Mini-DV/DVD-R $20.00 ea.

Sony CD-R $15.00 ea.

Memory Stick Rental $15.00 day

Color Copies $1.00/sheet


Internet Posting/ upload $350.00

Dual Still/Video Upload- (Still $150/Video $350)$500.00

Each Additional 15 minutes $50.00

Internet Posting (after 9pm) $400.00

Internet Posting Edits (tech fee) $150.00

Re-post Old Session $250.00



Minimum 2 hours $350.00/hr

Hour Line Charge After 2 hours $150.00/hr

Skype Session and/or Blue Jeans $200.00/hr 


Editing (before 8pm) $100.00/hr

Editing (after 8pm) $125.00/hr

Editing (after 10pm) $160.00/hr

Dubbing $65.00 ea.

Parking (2 spaces included w/studio)$19.00 add’l

Shipping Cost plus 20%

Shipping (Packages over $150)Cost plus 30%

Catering Cost plus 25%

*Full Studio rate will be charged on a cancelled booking*